Approach to Manufacturing
Approach to Manufacturing

It has been through various processes for FIELD EARTH DESIGN to produce the first 3D form using the materials for current skies and snowboards. It took seven years to complete the actual model since the year of 2000 when the first imaging model has produced.

Among snow gear such as skies and snowboards by that time, there were only 2-dimensional models or only a 3-dimensional shape that was formed by a hard protrusion in the center of the sole. At that time, any factories considered that it was impossible to create a smooth curve of the whole by using material whose degree of shrinkage was different, and still, it is the product that a lot of factories cannot attempt to produce today. We changed a conventional factory and went through much development, yet even a current factory initially had said that it was impossible. Therefore, manufacturing began from the prototype that was far apart from the 3D form. We piles a lot of time to tell what FIELD EARTH DESIGN would like to create.

The 3D model represents the essence of manufacturing which were produced by both the imagination of FIELD EARTH DESIGN and the development capacity of the factory. Both who create an imagination concretely and who develop by improving technology based on the imagined object were combined with and then FIELD EARTH’s 3D model was born as a real. The soul of manufacturing that was cultivated in the 3D form is reflected in the variety of products and always keeps challenging the new development.

The 3D form that was produced through a lot of time is adopted in various brands made in the same factory today.


FIELD EARTH DESIGNが現在の滑走道具の素材を使い3D形状を始めて作り出すまでには様々な過程を経てきました。2000年に始めてのイメージ模型が製作されてから、実際のモデルが完成するまでに7年の歳月が経ちます。


FIELD EARTH DESIGNが、何を作りたいのかを伝えることに多くの時間を重ねます。

3Dは、FIELD EARTH DESIGNの思考と、ファクトリーの開発能力が生んだ物作りの真髄を表しています。想像を具体的に生み出そうとすることと、想像物を元に技術を向上し開発する両者が相まって始めて現実のものとして生まれました。3D形状で培われた物作りの魂は、様々なプロダクトに反映され常に新しい開発に挑んでいます。

多くの時間をかけて生み出された3D形状は、現在、世界中の様々なブランドが採用しています。当初世界中の誰もが認識していない形状を本村 勝伯が区別するために3Dと名付け提唱し続けてきたデザインは名称と合わせて広く使われています。


The 4D design has been designed to add force by stepping in the forward inclined posture on the backward binding position which floats entirely due to the tail portion curved in exact reverse to the nose 3D portion. Therefore, it enables to control the flow of snow surface more actively, and it provides more stable riding with higher speed in various fields not only in compacted snow or powder snow. Also, it ensures more accurate edge operation.






Due to the detailed design, the 3D Design produces speedy turns and controllability by making the flow of snow surface smoother as possible. In addition, capturing any snow surface in three dimensions, it enables to produce a great feeling in any environment regardless of the quality of snow either powder snow or compacted snow.




2.5D design is the two-dimensional form which shifted from 2D sole and which is controlled by the detailed design. It provides a feeling of regular edge contact, yet it can be controlled by like 3D’s smooth controllability. Because of this, it is a special form which controllability is smoother than the ordinal 2D. 2.5D is designed as an optimal form to suite each model.

2.5Dデザインは、2D ソールを詳細なデザインで変化させコントロールされた2次元形状です。通常のエッジコンタクトのフィーリングでありながらも、3D のようなスムーズな操作性でコントロールできるので、操作性が従来の2D よりも、よりスムーズに行える特別な形状です。2.5D は、それぞれのモデルに合わせて最適な形状にデザインされています。

Asymmetry Design

When thinking about riding gear, the most appropriate form is the asymmetry. From this idea, the Asymmetry Design of FIELD EARTH DESIGN was born.  

When thinking about the structure of the human, there is the twist of the body towards traveling direction in the case of SNOWBOARDS and also in the case of SKIS, there is inside and outside towards the central position of the body like shoes. According to this thought, it is designed to allow people to control smoother and to slide more naturally.

人間が操作する乗物を考えた時に最も理にかなった形状は非対称です。その観点から、FIELD EARTH DESIGN のAsymmetry Design は生まれました。