Length: 1590
Stance: 490-570


Price 119,900 JPY

本体価格 119,900円(税抜価格 109,000円)






Smooth and buttery 3D fluidity with fast dynamic carving, the Artride Directional 3D is an evolution in snowboards.

Physics, Imagination and Innovation

Unique in design progression, the Artride 3D is a subtle and artful combination of the standard industry twin-tip 2D board we have all grown up with, morphed into a futuristic
3-Dimensional spoon shape with the DNA of Field Earth creator, Motomura’s imagination.
A Pow riding dream in 3D, the feeling you get from this board is insanely good! It floats like a boat in water through deep pow as snow flows smoothly off the 3D spoon nose and tail which also provide quick dynamic turn mobility for rocky terrain riding, tight tree runs or dangerous situations requiring fast reflex-action . The spoon design allows the rider to literally roll into every turn smoothly and dually apply lots of weight pressure on the nose to keep the board parallel to snow surface at all times. This enhances speed due the lack of surface drag and improves the rider’s balance over all on steep and deep pow slopes. The rider has full confidence to lean forward onto the nose and remain afloat in deep pow while avoiding the dreaded back leg burn.

Visually the Artride 3D is both awesome and daunting to look at. It is truly a board that stands out in shape and performance. To most who have not tried or even seen a 3D board, the concave spoon shape on the nose and tail give the impression that it wold be difficult to control on-piste and hard snow pack. However, this is not the case. The spoon nose gives an unparalleled level of dynamic 3D “turn-ability” like a ball rolling in any direction. Rolling into every turn off the nose into the edges gives a smooth ride with the precision of camber carving. It is a board that mere words can not give justice to. It is a board to ride and love. In powder conditions, this board is truly a dream from deep Hokkaido.

It’s pure logic and common sense combined with imagination because…..

When you eat ice-cream, you use a spoon right !?



ARTRIDE DIRECTIONAL 3Dは、立体形状からできているフリーライディングボードです。圧雪での鋭いカービングやディープパウダーでのスムーズで高速なターン。また、立体的な自然地形での機敏な操作性など3D形状にしか感じることができない自然な反応は新たな体験となるでしょう。