On a concept that producing tools which can be connected with nature, we design tools such as skies and snowboards by original forms and technology.
Products of FIELD EARTH are manufactured from the material which is considered as the best today, and they continue evolving for the highest experience in the real field.

FIELD EARTH製品は全てが最高級素材で製作されており、本当のフィールドで最高の体験ができるよう常に進化し続けています。


On a concept of producing tools which can be connected with nature, various forms developed by FIELD EARTH DESIGN are designed into 2D form.
Tentacle includes an extensive lineup of various snowboards such as 2D models for experiencing excellent feeling and ultimate split boards for using in severe mountain environment.

自然と繋がることのできるツールづくりをコンセプトにFIELD EARTH DESIGNで開発された様々な形状を2D形状でデザインしています。

To make art on the snowy mountain freely…
UMLAUT is designed by specific form for free style riding in order to enhance the best performance and imagination. These 3D modelings designed by FIELD EARTH DESIGN are images of the ultimate freestyle boards.

最高のパフォーマンスと想像を高めるため、フリースタイルライディングに特化した形状をデザインしました。FIELD EARTH DESIGNがデザインするこれらの立体造形は究極のフリースタイルボードを想像しています。