Natural Dack


Length: 1615
Stance: 480-560


Core:natural Wood
Side wall:TPU
Base:S901 Sintered Graphite



Price 100,440 JPY
価格 93,000円(税込100,440円)

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2.5D+3D CORE

SMM6, which is designed in S-SPEC 2D is SNOWBOARDS, that can be manipulated with stable feeling than ever. The two stage nose adopted to T6 enables to design a larger side curve than ordinal, so that it can capture snow surface larger to the instep. Therefore, it enables more natural and stable operation. Edging normally tends to be slow when making a turn. However, it can operate edging more smoothly and sharply by S-SPEC 2D shape and which is one of the features.

The WOOD CORE so far was constructed to the vertical direction.
In order to produce more fine torsion and flex to match with models, the 3D CORE produces more delicate feeling by constructing the wood core not only in one direction but also the 360 degrees direction.

The WOOD, shaped as a line to BAMBOO CORE which can be seen from the deck surface, looks as if it is in vertical direction. However, it is not simply constructed in vertical direction. It is all connected by the sole side with various angles like the red lines shown in the figure.

Also, the 3D CORE is completely unified in total while it is designed its CORE in more detailed to add more tension towards a WOOD’s line or to lose the power in the diagonal direction. This enables you to experience very comfortable feeling as soon as you ride.
The deck design that shows 3D CORE as a function design is well represent the characteristics of the TENTACLE.

これまでのWOOD COREは、垂直方向に組まれていました。3D COREは、モデルに合わせて詳細なトーションとフレックスを作るために、一方向だけではなく360°方向に組むことで、より繊細なフィーリングを生み出します。

デッキ面から見えるBAMBOO COREにラインとして形取られているWOODは一見垂直に見えますが、これまでの単純な垂直方向ではなく、様々な角度をつけながら全てがソール側で一つに繋がっています。また、一つのWOODのラインにテンションを加えたり斜め方向に力が抜けるようになど、CORE自体を詳細にデザインしながら、全体では完全に一体化している3D COREは、乗ると直ぐに感じられる程、心地よいフィーリングを体感することができます。

3D COREが機能デザインとして確認できるデッキデザインは、TENTACLEの特徴を良く表現されています。