Feeling toward Nature

Nature which delivers us a variety of feelings, discoveries and impressions is a really wonderful existence for us just to place ourselves in it. That can be felt by experiencing nature, and it must be a common feeling for those who go out and face nature. FIELD EARTH was born from a wish that more people could feel this wonderful nature.

A feeling that more people would be well off if they could connect with nature has been put into FIELD EARTH which began from 1 sticker.Having the concept of creating tools to connect with nature, the feeling still stays same as the beginning. FIELD EARTH believes if more of us and our posterity could discover, be impressed and feel under the same environment, it would create better environment to connect with the future including today, and that enriches our lives.

Let’s begin with what we can do now.

The accumulation of that feeling is inherited in FIELD EARTH DESIGN today.